All posts for the day March 5th, 2013

Lord, give me a brain.  :/  When I went out yesterday, I forgot to get stockings.  Oh, not for me…for my models.  Specifically, stockings and a garter belt; old-school style, for my next shoot with Sasha Fae.  It should be a FUN experience to do too…the source I have lists “Victoria’s Secret” as the place she got hers, so I’m gonna have to take my manly self into a lingerie store.  🙂

Did I tell you guys that I actually had a salesclerk look down her glasses at me when I bought a dress?  Like my 270lb frame is gonna fit into a size “Small”.  :/  It is to laugh.  🙂

Anyway. This was the dress…in question, I believe…Stacie Snow of makes it look quite nice, no?  I think I had that number on Stacie, Sasha Fae and CJ Molina….it’s a winner, no?  And so are they all.  🙂



Stacie Snow