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So…I told you I went to Victoria’s Secret not too long ago for some stockings and a garterbelt (which I’m gonna keep better track of this time…I seem to lose those things so easily!).  I mentioned it was gonna be a weird experience.  Well, not really…other than all the pink that wasn’t rope.  😉

I do admit to feeling WAY out of my element…mainly because I was going into a distinctly female world as a SINGLE and ALONE male.  It didn’t happen, but I was nervous about “What’s HE doing here?” kind of stares…just too self-conscious for my own good, I guess.  I wound up perusing the store for a good long while…waiting for my “hunter/gatherer” instincts to kick in and enable me to find the stockings I wanted…and I did too…just seconds before a sales lady asked me if she could help.  And I’m certainly glad she did…I was in the right area…but the wrong area OF the right area.  Yah, I meant to write that like that…there were two bins that held the stockings, back to back…I was looking on the front side and should have been looking on the back.  🙂

After we had what I wanted, I mentioned to her that I needed a garter belt, and she took over and found me one.  I’m just glad that all involved were complete professionals and got me what I needed without any fuss or muss.  🙂  And yes, I suppose I should expect that…but I mentioned before about the sales lady who looked down on me over her glasses when I bought a dress once.  :/  What…we guys can’t buy girls (models or not) things that we like to see them in without getting attitude?  It was distressing to say the least.

Anyway.  How about some Candle Boxxx to lighten up your Thursday?  Was printing out some shots of hers for a client…and I just have to say, I now love her in a ball gag.  🙂  One HOT shot, no?  🙂 You can see this and TONS more Candle Boxxx stuff at:!



Candle Boxxx