All posts for the day March 14th, 2013

Hi again!  🙂

Feeling MUCH more rested, so here we go!  🙂  I wanted to add some change-ups to the usual routine with Sasha, so I did a few things differently than normal this time…starting with this hands-thru-the-legs bondage:


Sasha Fae

This might look a touch escapable, but the knots on the legs are in FRONT of the legs, and with Sasha’s hands one thru her legs and one outside her legs, she can’t move past the ropes to get to the knots.  Also, since one of her hands is thru her legs, she can’t scrunch up quite enough to reach her gag.  Simple…yet VERY effective…and gives a great view of her butt, I might add.  😉

Next up was a VERY effective chair tie…


Sasha Fae

I just got this chair from a bud (El Coyote), and it’s VERY effective for chair ties, as the back of it is very low, allowing the hands to be tied behind the back of the chair and even getting her elbows together, causing minimal discomfort.  🙂  Chairs with a higher back make chair ties very uncomfortable as the arms have to go around the back to have the wrists meet…this minimizes the problem GREATLY.  🙂  Plus the chair is VERY stable…this puppy is gonna be a staple in my  bondage arsenal for some time to come.  🙂

I added a new wrinkle to standing bondage with a home-made spreader bar this time…


Sasha Fae w/spreader bar

If you’re thinking, “Well, she can just pull her feet together”, kindly note the ends of the wooden dowel.  Screwed in there are rounded hooks that the tie originates from; if she attempts to pull her feet together, the whole line is connected to that, stopping her.  🙂  I like it…I’ll be using this for a good time to come!  🙂

Finally, we have something I haven’t done in some time…stocking foot bondage!


Sasha Fae

I rarely do this anymore, and I couldn’t think of a better model to do this with…Sasha has the CUTEST feet, and what better way to showcase them?  🙂  The heels used in this shoot are also a new added touch; Sasha usually wears them for her shoots with Dave Annis (as they belong to him…lol), and he graciously allowed me to use them for this shoot.  🙂  I’ve only teased you about what went on in this shoot…there’s gonna be much MUCH more coming soon to very soon…so sign up now to get in on all the FUN!