All posts for the day March 15th, 2013

Huh.  I’m not sure how to take this.  :/

I belong to several Yahoo Groups on the net and I post to them somewhat like I do here…sending out samplers so people can see what’s upcoming from TucsonTied.  At one of those groups, somebody asked me if the rigging I did was mine, or if Dave Annis did it.  :/  Really, now.  I’m sure it was meant as a compliment…but it bugs me that he and I are starting to blend so much, people wonder if I’m doing my own rigging.  Kinda an affront to my “rigger pride”, really.


Was it meant as a compliment?  Of course it was…I know that; but I do want me work to stand on it’s own and not wind up with me being, “The Next Dave Annis”.  I’m really torn about this…it’s very distracting.  Gotta ponder this some more…why don’t you all check out this pic of Lexi Richelle from my early days while I ponder this…



Lexi Richelle