All posts for the day March 16th, 2013

Really quickly before I do the Saturday Sneak Peeks.  🙂

I’ve talked with some folks about my quandry, and I think I might’ve missed getting a point across.  I know having my stuff compared to Dave’s is an honor and the comment was meant as a compliment.  Fact is, I couldn’t ask for a better mentor as Dave has been nothing short of awesome to and for me.

What threw me, however, was when someone asked me if Dave did the rigging FOR me.  Unless it’s a Guest Gallery that I arrange with the rigger beforehand and give that rigger full credit and links back to his site, everything that’s on TucsonTied is done by me.  TucsonTied is about my journey thru bondage and my riggings with my models and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂  Just like in writing, “Ghost Riggers” are out there and that’s all fine and good…but when you see a TucsonTied pic, it’s done BY TucsonTied…and the fact that someone saw my work and thought I hired Dave to “ghost rig” for me disturbs me a bit; I’m gonna have to take steps in the future to make us more different.  That’s all.  🙂

One of the reasons I get so bent out of shape when people re-post my pics on social sites without the watermark on them is the pic loses my identity…and that’s what threw me for such a huge loop.  However, talking with a few friends, I’ve been able to put some sense to it…it’s an over and done iussue.  🙂