All posts for the day March 17th, 2013

Just gonna kick back today.  🙂  I’m now playing two different versions of “Fallout” on two different platforms…”Fallout 3″ on my Playstation 3 and “Fallout: New Vegas” on my PC, so I’ll prolly kick back with either one or both.  Kinda weird watching Fallout 3…it takes place in a post-apocalyptic DC…I almost feel like I’ve visited the nation’s Capitol…but what a way to do it.  :/  Google some images of it…it’s kinda scary.  :/

Anyway…I’m off.  🙂  Check out the pic of Kimberly Marvel from the last time she and I worked together.  🙂  This shot and much, MUCH more of Kim and the 60 models I’ve worked with over the career at!



Kimberly Marvel