All posts for the day March 18th, 2013

Had the Mamma’s & The Pappa’s running thru my head as I typed that:   😛  I’m listening to it as I type this particular post.  They list the year as 1966; I was one year old when this came out.  🙂  The blonde on the left of Mamma Cass?  SO MY TYPE; she’s gorgeous and would love to have her on my site!  🙂

Anyway.  I’m heading out…remember the store “Bookman’s” I mentioned in an earlier blog?  They have a second, larger location in town…think I’m gonna check it out today.  🙂

Since I have a blonde on the brain, check out this pic of secretary Emily Addison as she struggles to get to the phone in pink rope bondage.  You can see MUCH more of her at TucsonTied.comsign up now!  🙂



Emily Addison