All posts for the day March 21st, 2013

Got a lot going on, so I must sadly be brief.  Shooting with Sasha Fae tomorrow, so I’m off to pull the shoot funding from the bank…duty calls!  Also been letting my beard grow for FAR too long…it comes off to-DAY.  After I’m done typing this.  LOL…it’s at the “itchy-scratchy” phase and it’s making me bonkers; I’m teasing myself with letting it grow in to the full extent, as in all of my 48 years I’ve never had a full beard, just a moustache, but when it gets to this phase, I get driven INSANE by it!  I want to grow it in for the sake of my persona having a different look on camera, but my own sensabilities just won’t allow it as it drives me CRAZY when it’s coming in.  :/

While I deal with it, why don’t you enjoy a shot of Stacie Snow?  This is from, and the full set and BUNCHES more can be had by signing up for  StacieSnowBound comes as an added bonus for signing up!  🙂



Stacie Snow