All posts for the day March 26th, 2013

Well, I had a setback regarding Fallout 3.  🙁  Nothing to do with my all-nighter at the game…but somewhat.  I had a save file that wouldn’t load, so I bought the “Game Of The Year” Edition (which had the “Mothership Zeta DLC that I spent all night playing thru) thinking it was just a bad copy of the game…no dice.  That save is gone and will not load…so I’m in the process of starting over and recovering the place I was at on the game.  166 + hours of gaming lost forever…and believe it or not, I’m kinda glad.  I got to re-experience the game with some knowledge and complete some mini-quests that I fucked up my first playthru…so it’s been kinda fun!  Tedious at times…but fun!

The whole “Mothership Zeta” kinda thing was funny.  In replaying the game, I went to the spot where a weapon was (an alien blaster that pretty much one-shot-kills most enemies) and instead of just getting the weapon, I was dragged up to the “mothership” and wound up fighting aliens all night.  🙂  That came way out of left field…think “Mad Max meets space aliens” and you’ve pretty much got how outlandish this all was.  I just wanted my character back on Earth and back to scouring the wastes…lol.  😉

Anyway…I’m off to gather content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…you all drool over lovely Janessa here.  This and much, MUCH more of her is available at, click this link and join up to see it all!