All posts for the day March 29th, 2013

March has NEVER liked me for some reason.  🙁  Dunno why, but things always seem to come up rotten turnips in March…I dunno.  So this month and I don’t get along too well…maybe my karma is off in March?  Meh.

This one in particular had a theme of sort…self reflection.  Who AM I in the bondage biz?  Who do I WANT to be?  What is my place in the industry?  What do I want it to be?  I know that now and I’ve decided on a few changes I’m going to be making over the next few months to make it a bit more of a comfortable place for me to be in.  Not in the bondage style, mind you; that will remain true and stay on course…what I’m talking about is me and how I relate with the rest of the world.

Neither here nor there, tho.  🙂  I’m off to do the usuals for this time of the month…put the latest site check in the bank, write out a rent check, pay bills…you know the drill; you prolly do it yourself every month.  Believe it or not, this stuff I do isn’t too far off from the norm…only thing is, I keep my own hours rather than punch into a time clock…and I see a lot of boobs.  😉

I got stuff to do…you all take a look at the lovely Nyxon…and know there’s a bunch of her stuff with me up on TucsonTied.  Click here to sign up and see even MORE!



The uber-lovely Nyxon