All posts for the day March 31st, 2013

Feeling the itch to hit Bookman’s again.  🙂  I may come away with some blockusters, I may come away with just some time spent browsing there; whichever happens, happens.  🙂  The hunt itself is a part of the whole experience…sometimes I go there JUST to browse.  It’s one of the best stores in town and one I treasure.  Speaking of treasures, I found a real treasure at one of their neighboring stores once…a place called “Annabelle’s Attic”.  They buy and sell furnature, appliances and things of that nature that people don’t want anymore…I found a 32 inch screen SONY “Triniton” television for $60.  Standard definition, mind you…but it’s a MONSTER screen and looks fantastic in my living room.  🙂

Anyway…neither here nor there about pics, tho, right?  How about some Drea Morgan…and folks should know that she’s on my schedule for FetCon this year; there’ll be more great stuff like this coming soon!  🙂  If you’d like to see more of Drea at TucsonTied click this link to join the site and see why this lady is literally exploding across the fan scene!  🙂



Drea Morgan hogtied