All posts for the day April 1st, 2013

I may just wind up titling every Monday post that from now on…lol.  😉  Just feels right, ya know?  🙂

So.  I totally forgot that yesterday was Easter, so I postponed my Bookman’s trip to today.  As fate would have it, I have a check to cash today anyway, so it’ll fit in the agenda fine.  🙂  Is it just me, or is Easter coming earlier every year?  I regard this holiday to be an April one for some reason.  :/  But then again, when I was in school, we started in September and ended in June; nowadays it’s Aug-May, it seems.  Why didn’t they do that when I was schooling…as a June 2 baby, it would’ve been cool to not have to go to school on my birthday!  😛  Ah, me.

So.  Check cashing, then Bookman’s…seems like a good day’s outing.  After some Fallout 3 on my PS3, that is.  🙂  You guys have a look at Magenta and help me wish that she someday comes back into my “models I have access to” list.  😉  Magenta and a plethora of other models can be seen at my site in some tight, restrictive bondage…click here to sign up now!