All posts for the day April 3rd, 2013

I’m officially hooked on Fallout 3.  I just ordered it for the PC, so I can now also play it on that platform…ach, hopeless junkie.  :p  In all honesty, I’m looking to see if it plays any smoother on the PC than on the PS3, tho…on my Playstation,  the DLC (downloadable content…extras you buy seperately and download from the Playstation store) runs for crap; I’d like to play it but my PS3 doesn’t agree with the idea too much.  :/  So, I’ll just do it that way and we’ll see how it goes.  🙂

Duty calls…I’m back to the war against the Enclave; you pay a visit with a bound and gagged Pantera Noelle from my first shoot with her.  🙂  This set and TONS more are available at; why not sign up now?



Pantera Noelle