All posts for the day April 5th, 2013

Here’s another Friday!  🙂  The passing of the week is different for me now…Friday used to be a bit of a blessed event, but being “retired”, every day is the weekend now!  🙂   As I type this, I have a walkthru of Fallout 3 playing on YouTube,…kinda cool!  Essentially, what a “walkthru” is, is someone playing the game, recording it, and commenting over it.  It’s cool; it’s fun watching someone’s reactions to the game.  🙂

Well…I have to get back to my own game of Fallout 3…gonna leave you all for now.  Check out this pic of Sasha Fae…and if you’d like to see BUNCHES more of her, check her out at:  Click this link to see join up and see more!



Sasha Fae