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This is a treat.  🙂  When Stacie and I first started working, Dave Annis suggested that he do some “behind the scenes” pics of me working with Stacie…basically me tying her up.  🙂  Different camera, different approach when I did that…I was using the camera’s screen to compose the pic.  Anyway…here’s a pic of me and Stacie working…you can find this set and TONS more by clicking this link and then you can become a part of the fun by clicking this link and joining up at TucsonTied! is a special bonus you get when you sign up at TucsonTied…get a sub to SSB when you sign up for TucsonTied FREE!



Stacie Snow

Before I do the “Saturday Sneak Peeks”, a bit of a “Tolstoy” from me…wow.  What a “moment” when playing last night; gotta relate it to you all.  Talk about misunderstandings exploding into violence…we’re talking Fallout 3 here.  Setting the stage…Fallout 3 is set in 2277, 200 years after a nuclear war between the US and China destroyed the world and left it an apoclayptic nightmare…think “Mad Max”.

So, anyway…last night I came across the “Anchorage” quest: one of the groups in Fallout 3 (The Outcasts) have come across an armory that they’d like to get into…problem is, it’s sealed and the only way to break the seal on the room is to run a holographic simulation of the freeing of Anchorage, Alaska from Chinese occupying forces from the days of the war.  It’s a virtual reality type simulation…you’re cast into the role of a 2077 soldier fighting to free Alaska from the Chinese.

I run thru it ok (other than the game freezing and locking up on the console, which is actually normal…bless Bethesda for devoloping such a beautiful but flawed game) and it’s a FUN simulation; very strategic in it’s approach and I love situations that let me be a touch violent and THINK too (lol)…very well done!  Anyway…I finish the simulation…all that’s left is the opening of the armory and giving me a payment for helping them…this is where things got wild.

From the beginning, it was obvious that they were split on that…there were some members of the Outcasts that said that for my participation in opening the vault, I was deserved a share of what was in there…but the other half of the room was of the opinion that my usefulness to the cause was over and I should be…eliminated…so that they could keep everything.  I’m in the middle of raiding the armory and palming the two sepcial armors (Chinese Stealth armor and winterized T-51B Power Armor, to be specific), and all of a sudden, I hear gunfire and see that my character is taking damage.  Quicklike, I duck behind a corner, pull a weapon and start fighting…and when the dust clears, I figure I hit one of them once or twice…and the four of them all killed each other.  :/  Two of them were of each mini-faction…two wanted to be fair to me, two wanted me dead…while I was raiding, they got all shooty with each other and basically finished each other off.

Just…whoa.  :/

One of the more stunning moments I’ve had in a game…good guys shooting good guys and killing the hell out of each other.  Just…wow.  The Outcasts are nuts.  So, I ended up getting the armors of the Outcasts as well…but stunned to the core by the way the whole thing ended…I so didn’t see that coming.  :/