All posts for the day April 9th, 2013

Well, I can finally eat…lol.  😉

Got my check from my website…what I have to do now is go bank it so I can start spending it.  🙂  But before that happens, I have some Fallout 3 to attend to.  Crazy PC gaming…OY.  I bought Fallout 3 for the PC and installed it, and after a few minutes, the sound went dead.  Uninstalled it, re-installed it, added a fan made patch to help with some of the nonsense that F3 has…and suddenly it wouldn’t even open!  I had to also add the client for Windows LIVE! gaming, and it worked fine.  Then, I went to install the DLC portion…

The disc took for-EVER to be read by my computer…and that’s NORMAL.  Bless Bethesda (the devoloper of the game), but they don’t seem to know how to make a game run at times.  :/  After it was finally read onto my computer, the game didn’t seem to even have it installed…then I go and look at the main screen of the game and it has a “Data Files” section, so I have a look.  There’s the DLC portion…but for it to become a part of your game, you have to check off all the boxes beside the list of all the content.  CRAZY!

Whatever.  The point is, the game runs FINE and I even managed to find the Firelance, a crazy-overpowered weapon that’ll be a crutch for a while for the tougher elements of the game as my character matures.  🙂  I’m gonna get back to it…you get back to the lovely Lola Lynn as she struggles on my sofa bed.  🙂  To see this set and TONS more of her, click this link to sign up to my site…but if you’d like to see a bit of it first, click this link to take the Tour.  🙂



Lola Lynn