All posts for the day April 16th, 2013

It was weird not being able to blog for a while there.  And then when I heard about the massive attacks on WordPress and the reason why we increased security around these parts…just sadder.  I don’t understand why people see the need to do the kind of crap they do online…it’s just beyond stupid.  At least my blog dodged this bullet, but here’s what’s going on with WordPress blogs right now:

WordPress Blogs Targeted

Just remember the cardinal rules, my friends…change your passwords frequently and make them big ones with caps, numbers and symbols (!@#$%) so that these people with nothing better to do with themselves don’t make a victim of you as well.  And while we’re talking cardinal rules…please make it a cardinal rule not to upload my material or ANY producer generated bondage stuff to sites like YouTube, K?  I don’t know why people do this…never understood the “sharing” thing, especially when it hurts small guys like me who’re struggling just to put food on the table.  Every uploaded video like this to the internet is one that I’m not able to generate revenue from; if you’re one of those who do it just to “stick it to the man”…I’M the “man” in this case…and piracy takes a chunk out of my ability just to feed myself; please just don’t do it?

OK, enough of my blabber…let’s see some TucsonTied BONDAGE!!  Since I was away for a while, let’s make it a big hit; all my current locals: Sasha Fae, Dez, Gracie Ryder, Janessa, and CJ Molina.  If you want to see more of these lovely ladies, go here and have a look around…then go here and sign up for TucsonTied!


Sasha Fae




Gracie Ryder




CJ Molina