All posts for the day April 26th, 2013

Got the LA Noire strategy guide.  🙂  Kinda funny, really; I bought it to get the strategy for the DLC content…and when I was reading thru the guide, it said to go online to get that content.  :/  OY.  Not too much of a hassle to download and it’ll make the gameplay that much more fun…but still, really?  That should’ve been in the book, if you ask me.

Anyway.  Niether here nor there.  In the works talking to a new gal; I’ll keep you posted on that; she looks fan-TASTIC.  Can’t wait to add her to TucsonTied!  🙂  But for the here and now, check this pic of Paris Kennedy…you can see this and much more of her at!



Paris Kennedy