All posts for the day April 30th, 2013

Brother…that was interesting.  Was out all day yesterday and forgot I beefed up my password for this thing.  Sooooo…when I went to approve comments, naturally, I didn’t have the one I needed on hand since it’s now a mile long…lol.  😉  Well, anyway…no harm done.

I’m actually thinking of starting another blog (under a different name); totally vanilla and having nothing to do with bondage, called, “One Gamer’s Opinion” or “OGO” for short.  One thing, in the gaming world, we all wind up wondering is if the reviews of games aren’t bought and paid for because of IGN and the other associations that do reviewing having CLOSE ties to Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.  Completely TERRIBLE games (and that’s not my opinion, but gamers in general as shown thru forum boards) get sterling reviews; it’s suspect to say the least.  With OGO, I’d tell it as I see it…and not bore my audience to sleep.  😉  I could lay it on the line about gaming and games in general here…but not all of you here are gamers.

Anyway…just my thoughts.  As for some bondage pic?  Let’s see…let me show you a piece from my favorite set of Magenta’s work with me.  This is how I’ll always remember her.  If you’d like to see more, check out Tucson Tied and join up!