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I’m going to make myself a birthday (June 2nd)  present.  🙂  One of the collectible items in “Fallout 3” is a soda called a Nuka-Cola Quantum; obviously a spin on Coca-Cola.  Well, in the fictional world of Fallout, some fool at the “Nuka Cola” company thought it’d be a good idea to put together a drink that had twice the sugar, twice the caffeine…and strontium.  People of a chemistry bend are prolly screaming at their screen right now…”That shit is radioactive!!!”…and yah, it is.  The drink is purported to glow blue…and after you’re fool enough to consume it, your piss would glow for a week.  And, judging to some of the info you find out about the drink by raiding the Nuka-Cola Factory (which is a part of the in-game fun)…you’d die; pretty horrible like.  Sometimes.  If I remember right, they lost just over 50% of their test subjects, but still sent the things out to the Washington DC area;  the bombs fell (remember; this is a game set in 2277 where the world is destroyed by a nuclear war between the US and China in 2077)  not too long after they started distributing it, making it an inadvertant “limited edition” (the company was gonna get behind it and sell it regularly once the results of the test marketing in the DC area was complete) and the stuff pretty hard to find, in-game.

Obviously, this has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with Coca Cola…and the good folks at that company aren’t going to release anything to the public that is potentially dangerous.  Unless you’re a Pepsi fan and you don’t like Coke; and that would be a matter of opinion.  😉  Also obviously, this is something that could never happen in real life…The FDA would be all OVER this shit and no company would release a product out that even has a potential for fatality as the lawsuits would be GI-NORMOUS.  It’s just a fun bit of fantasy, tho.  🙂

It’s a cool looking thing tho…and I’m gonna make myself an approximation of one.  I’ll be sure to share pics of it once the project is complete.  🙂  Google “Nuka Cola Quantum” to learn more if you’re interested.

As for now? Let’s have a look at a bound and gagged  Stacie Snow; if you want to see much, MUCH more of her, why not click this and become a part of



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