All posts for the day May 2nd, 2013

For some reason, it feel like it should only be Tuesday to me.  Life’s internal clocks are funny like that sometimes.  Right along there with cravings sometimes…very odd.  I’m in the middle of a pork and beans with hot dogs need…every time I make the concoption for myself lately, it just tastes better.  Bizarre.

The Nuka-Cola Quantum thing worked brilliantly and went just how I thought it would.  I have an odd way of thinking about how experimenting with new things goes…I give myself a TON of leeway in the final product of a first attempt in doing something because of it.  When you make pancakes, the first few that come out of the batch, no matter WHAT you do, always seem to come out crappy.  There’s nothing you can fix here…the first ones just come out under-browned and a touch off looking.  Well…first efforts at something are much the same.  It’s the first try, so you’re learning about the process and any and all pratfalls that might occur in the process.  As it relates to my Quantum…the label came out with some wrinkles and the light I’m currently using underneath it to fake the glow isn’t quiiiiiiite bright enough…but this was a GREAT first effort!!  8 out of 10 stars for me; a collectable from my favorite game now in my possession, and I’m now a “vet” at the making oif it, so I know what NOT to do in the making of another one.  🙂

Bondage pic.  Let’s go with Lola Lynn today…and I’ll part with you in my usual way of suggesting that you should become a member of the site to get even more pics and video of her.  Have a look at the site and I’m hopeful you’ll see enough to want to sign up.  Seeya there!



Lola Lynn