All posts for the day May 5th, 2013

Well, let me just say this.  I recently found a way to link this blog to my Twitter and Tumblr accounts…for those of you who found me because of that, WELCOME!  I’m not tweeting all that much and I’m never on Tumblr other than this…so this seemed ideal.  🙂

So, anyway.  Another week ends or begins depending on how you view Sunday.  Just been thinking the odd thoughts and I find it sad that very soon (July, I believe?) we’ll be without Saturday postal delivery.  Getting cool stuff in the mail on top of being out of school for the week were two BOSS things for me growing up…nothing matched the thrill of being out of school and getting that ever-so-awesome goodie I’d mail ordered just at the opportune day of Saturday, giving me 48 hours or so to enjoy it…soon gonna be gone.  Kinda sucks; and while kids today have things the kid in me wishes I’d had (if I could have had a PS3 as a child, my skin would’ve never met the sun’s rays…lol), I’m kinda sad that they won’t get the little pleasures out of life.  I suppose it all balances out in the long run…but I wish it weren’t necessar.

And after this, if the Postal Service STILL says they have to raise stamp rates…no sympathy from yours truly.

Neither here not there tho.  Kim Marvel is the poster bondage model for the day…and if you want to see more of the ever lovely Kimmy, go to TucsonTied and sign up!



Kimberly Marvel