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DAMN, but I’m opinionated sometimes.  😀

This blog’s being written a touch later than I’d like, simply because a topic at a FetLife group I run caught my interest and created a 1500 word or so essay-posting on the thread.  Like I said when I updated Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo group, it’s a curse being “Tolstoy” sometimes.  😛

I understand gun ownership rights…really, I do; but I’d like to think I also understand the rights I have as a homeowner/apartment dweller and like to think that as such, I have the right to tell a gun owner that he/she needs to disarm when they visit me.  Several people within the thread seem to think that because they own a gun they can overrule the rules I keep over my own home…and I just don’t get or understand it.  My home is MY HOME…just because you own a gun doesn’t mean you have the power to bring it within my home if I tell you it make me uncomfortable?  And on top of it, the person packing would be an escort to a model that he has emotional ties to and a hair trigger temper?  Forget the fuck outta that.

Anyway.  I have to get busy gathering content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…you enjoy this pic of the aforementioned Candle Boxxx (with a too-short cameo of Stacie Snow putting her in line…why oh, WHY didn’t I shoot more of them as a duo?!) and know if you want to see more of Candle, there’s plenty more that you get by signing up to be a member of TucsonTied!



Stacie Snow and Candle Boxxx