All posts for the day May 7th, 2013

Was there ever a song about Tuesday?  I know of a few about Saturday (“S…A…Tur…Day…NIGHT!!!”  Oh, LORD, how I dated myself there…lol), and of course the one I reference to every Monday, but Tuesday?  Not so much.  :/  Eh, whatever.  Person who can tell me where that song I just quoted now comes from gets a “virtual cookie” by the way.  😉

So, it’s Tuesday.  “Meh” kinda day, really.  Just gonna kick back and relax.  You relax (or maybe get really excited, depending on how much you like my work) to Nikki Sebastian.  You can see MUCH more of her at TucsonTied…why not sign up now so you can see even more?



Nikki Sebastian