All posts for the day May 9th, 2013

Bleh.  Got a bad taste in my mouth.  Might be the day-old pizza I had for breakfast (bachelor’s diet…that would be me!  :D), or it might be something I saw about a pirate site that has my and other producer material up on it…people, if I don’t say this enough, PLEASE don’t pirate my or other producer material.  It hurts us more than you’ll ever know.  You may think it’s cool because everybody does it…well, it’s not.

Anyway…I’m off to raid a very well-stocked armory in Fallout 3 and get myself a TON of cool swag…wish me luck!  🙂  You guys get to have a look at Samantha Lynn.  It’s a pity I only got one shoot with her (during my early days)…I’d love to work with her again with my all-new style, but she has retired, sadly…



Samantha Lynn