All posts for the day May 11th, 2013

Just to start out…Iron Man 3 was good…to a point.  What I didn’t like would be a MASSIVE spoiler, so I’ll keep my mouth shout and my fingers from typing…lol.  😉  It’s still a GREAT movie; high recommend!  🙂

Now…to business.  In this Kimberly Marvel set, you might notice the non-bondage pics do feature Kim…but don’t show below her ankles.  That’s because dummy me forgot to TAKE non-bondage shots and rigged up her ankles right away at the start of this set!  🙂  SHE remembered at least…and just suggested I shoot so that the bondage on her ankles didn’t show; it’s one of those classical comedy moments that happens at shoots sometimes.  🙂

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Kimberly Marvel