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Doing this blog day in and day out, I occasionally come onto dry patches.  Just try saying something witty, insghtful, or even interesting every day and you’ll understand…lmao!  So, I’m always happy when something really nice happens…and today that something nice is courtesy of my good buddy Rob and his wonderful Yahoo Group, Rope_Dreams:

When I was first getting started, one of my mentors, Jerry The Badman of fame, outlined a few things for me to do to get myself noticed.  Get a ModelMayhem account…look into getting featured on Black Fox Bondage…and definitely, DEFINITELY get myself on Rope_Dreams.  Why Rope_Dreams, asked I.  Well, because the guy who runs it is wonderful…and does a brilliant job of helping all producers get their name and product out there to the group of thousands that Rope_Dreams comprises.

I took Jerry up on that…and what a BOON it’s been to me personally as I gained a friend for life in Rob that is wonderful, and a vast and wide audience thru Rope_Dreams.  Rob has been, not just for me and my little “empire”, but for the entire bondage industry as a whole, a MASSIVE help in many a varied way.  For me personally…well, he’s been someone to vent to when I’m angry or frustrated, or just chat with when I’m feeling light.  And when my overly-inquisitive nature takes control and I just need to know something about 2257, legal paperwork or the law in regards to copyrights within my industry and in general…he’s always there with an answer to the question.  😀

Did I mention he’s a Lawyer?  What’s with the frown?  I said, “LAWYER”, not “shyster”!  🙂  What I mean by that, is that laywers tend to get a bad rap…Rob deserves NONE of that as he’s truly a cut WAY above the rest. A Gentleman amongst sharks, if you will.  😉  He’s a complete credit to his field and a true inspiration as well.  He’s one of the lawyers who does the GOOD work of the law in the courts.  🙂

So, you ask…why the exposition dump?  Why talk about all of this now?  Well, because one of my pics of the loooooooovely Sasha Fae has graced the cover of said Rope_Dreams!  Rob (for legal and understandable reasons) shies away from putting bondage shots on the cover of Rope_Dreams (I believe it’s so he doesn’t wind up getting classified as a “Secondary Producer” under the law, if I’m not mistaken), but he chose a GREAT non-bondage shot of Sasha for the cover!  If you go to the link above you’ll see it…JOINING the group (which I HIGHLY recommend to ALL bondage fans) will get you on his mailing list.  Once there, every morning and afternoon, you’ll get a SLEW of bondage shots from different producers around the net (mine included) that Rob has access to.  YOU CAN’T LOSE!  Did I mention it’s all FREE?  ‘Cuz it is.  🙂

Let me show you the shot that’s up there…along with a select in-bondage shot from the set.  The entire set, along with the video we did for it is available at for you to download upon joining my site.

Visit Rope_Dreams!     And tell Rob that Tolstoy and the TucsonTied Blog sent ya!



Sasha Fae


Sasha Fae