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Getting back into the “grind” of things.  🙂

Just finished paying bills (gotta not cut the power bill so close in the future…lol) and will be returning owed mails after I hit FetLife and see what’s up there….yesterday, I took a leave of absence from the online world to become a rigger-for-hire.  🙂  It was fun!  Didn’t do it for the sake of cash as my bills were covered (I was just being lazy about paying them…lol), this was purely for experience and fun.  Getting paid was a side effect, really…GOOD one, naturally!  🙂  The bondage in and of itself was outside of what I normally do.  Still good and firm, mind, but without all the usual “TucsonTied touches” nor my usual poses, but I was a hired hand, remember.  🙂  My job was essentially, “Tony, please put ropes or tape here, there and there…” and such, you see.  🙂  The girls were all lovely and I wouldn’t mind seeing them at TucsonTied…I really need to get Tracy in again.  Speaking of Tracy, why don’t we end this post with a pic from my all-too-short library of her.  🙂

I need to work with her again…customs with her are welcome, by the way!  🙂

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Tracy Jordan