All posts for the day June 3rd, 2013

Geez, I even forgot I HAD a Facebook…TWO of them actually; one for TolstoyTony and one for myself personally (vanilla).  Yesterday, both exploded with birthday wishings…that was neat.  🙂  Gonna have to go there more…even if they did pull down my first “TolstoyTony” page…lol.  They just don’t seem to like bondage there, those silly people!  😛

When it happened, it reminded me of the sour taste left in my mouth when MySpace was actually relevant and they pulled me down 4 times.  One page they killed was completely vanilla with GLAM shots of the girls; go figure.  Whatever…I’m done with it and them (like everyone else is).  🙂  Facebook…geez, I didn’t realize how BIG it’d become while I was not going on it.  Seems like you can run into your 2nd-cousins-older-daughter’s-niece’s-nephew’s-step-child there…I’ve heard tell of people getting found by people they haven’t heard from in DECADES; wild when you think about it.  🙂

K…’nuff musings; I have to gather content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…I’m off to the races.  🙂  Oh, wait…dinner with Dave Annis and his webmaster was fab and we handed out business cards to two gorgeous waitresses…time will tell.  🙂  Here’s some Angel.  🙂