All posts for the day June 6th, 2013

Why does this day always seem to sneak UP on me?! I’ll think it’s Wednesday, check the calendar and see that it’s in fact Thursday, and be shocked…lol. 😉

Anyway…let me add a special “Hello” to my Facebook page people! Occasionally, I’m going to link my blog (where this post is originating) to my FB page…the only caveat to my doing that is that the pic I post to accompany it will have to be non-topless. 🙁 Bummer. You don’t get to see my Sicillian-created-hairy-as-fuck chest…I mean the topless shots of the MODELS I work with….lol. FB is pretty strict about that one, so Imma gon’ have to behave myself when I add a Facebook connection.

You FB folks should know that I do a post to my blog daily and there’s a pic attached to every post. When I feel like using a topless shot, I’ll have to remove the FB connection, so you all should wander down to my blog to see more. 🙂

Anyway, ’nuff about that and ’nuff about me yapping, let’s see a pic! 🙂 Think I’ll go with Stacie Snow for this post…if you’d like to see more (MUCH more) of the LOOOOOOOOOOOVELY Stacie Snow, click on the link to become a member of! 🙂



Stacie Snow


Stacie Snow


Stacie Snow