All posts for the day June 7th, 2013

One of the neat functions of the “Publicize” part of this blog is that I can easily turn off and on connections to the sites I also publish my pics on…meaning, with a click of the mouse I can decide to publicize the blog on Facebook or not.  🙂  I was actually a touch worried about that…if I’d have to re-establish the connection over and over; happily, not the case.  🙂

I’m glad to see that as I don’t expect to utilize the Facebook connection all that much because of their rules about toplessness; which is sad.  I’d really like to publicize there, but… 🙁  Ah, well.  My page there has already been busted once; no need to give them a reason for a second shot.  Kinda funny as even Yahoo will allow toplessness for their groups…it’s just vagina shots that make them nervous.  :/

Speaking of Yahoo, I hear they’re about to take over Tumblr.  I wonder if they also get the joy of the pending lawsuit that a porn company was leveling against Tumblr for it’s rampant piracy and flagrant copyright violations.  It’ll be interesting to see how that all devolops.  🙂

This just in: Just got this link from my buddy Rob; we’re more healthy with our kinky ways than the vanilla’s think we are…check it out for a good read:

Gonna tinker around here for a bit…the “Custom Shoots” section of this place needs an update.  While I do that, you guys check out the “artictic” side of me from this rare shoot with Stacie Snow.  I very rarely get to do the artistic stuff with the rope…Stacie allowed me to this one time and I think I worked wonders.  🙂



Stacie Snow