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The gaming world is ex-PLODING of late, especially with Microsoft releasing details of what it’s new machine (The XBOX One) needs to do.  It’s going to kill the used game market (you can only sell your purchased games to “participating” retailers…more than likely big ones like Best Buy and Game Stop) which is an unbelieveable thing to me.  I know it’s meant to stall/stop piracy…and being a HEAVILY pirated individual, I’m all for stopping that; but my not being able to sell/trade in a physical copy of something that I purchased to whatever company (big box or mom and pop) I choose to?   WTF?!  I certainly hope Hollywood isn’t following this as it would be a death knoll for Blockbuster and Redbox.  :/

It also needs to be connected to the Internet ALWAYS as Microsoft needs to do a “verification” at least once every 24 hours to see that you are the one playing on your system.  If it can’t do this verification…POOF, it shuts down for gaming.  You can watch TV thru it, or play Blu-Ray videos…but if it’s unable to make that verification, it’s a $700 brick as far as being a gaming machine is concerned.  BRILLIANT, Microsoft!

Finally, the “Kinect” NEEDS to be on and unbroken as the machine will not function without it.  The thing needs a peripheral plugged into it just to enable it to work.  Not to mention that this is a direct line back to Microsoft…which they swear they won’t use for data mining (yah, sure, I REALLY trust “Big Brother Microsoft” that far)…heck, who’s saying that the gov’t might not even make Microsoft turn it over to them for certain people (suspected terrorist threats).  It’s a “Big Brother” attempt to run your life as a gamer, force you to get Broadband Internet if you haven’t already and pray that if you do you have good enough Internet to meet the call…it’s just a HUGE privacy invasion on top of an attempt to close down used gaming once and for all.

In short, for gamers like myself, the XBOX One is a big pile of caca-dookey.  😛

I can’t afford a new system right now anyway, but I do know I’m going to avoid the “One” like the plague for all these and multitude of other reasons…now it’s up to Sony to either lead the next console generation or shoot itself in the corporate foot like Microsoft has.  :/  Gaming rant over.  🙂

GOD.  Just seeing all the bullshit released after the Microsoft “reveal” of their machine (in which it took them TWENTY NINE MINUTES to even talk about the “One” as a gaming machine, even tho at it’s core it IS a game console)…what a load of FAIL!  Well, something that doesn’t fail is my work with my girls…and we’ll never force you to have your computer on for a verification.  🙂

How about some Sasha Fae from the first time she and I worked?  It was a time when I was “between styles”…but still showed her off in a very awesome way!  🙂

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Sasha Fae


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