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I know of two aviators in my audience (one in my Facebook audience and one in my Blog audience), and I thought you might appreciate this.  Like I said when I posted this morning, I just wrapped up a Fallout 3 game and in the doing of it, I started taking screenshots of one of my favorite aircrafts of the game.  This is a FANTASY craft only, but you gotta LOVE the design.  🙂  I love airplanes and the look of them, and the Enclave Vertibird is one hot looking gunship.  😀

I don’t have any specs on it…just a few random shots taken from the game.  Enjoy!



Enclave Vertibird


Enclave Vertibird


Enclave Vertibird

Again, to my Facebook fans, I say…if’n ya wants ta see bewbs, stop on by the blog on a regular basis.  🙂

So, anyway.  It’s a lazy Sunday…and a rare one as I’m not planning on adding donuts to it…lol.  Just gonna cruise and play the last level of my current Fallout 3 game, wrap up that one and start a new one with some different tactics and trying to utilize different glitches.  I think that’s why this game is SO addictive…you can play it a thousand times and never really play the same game.  🙂  Gonna head into that…have a look at the very lovely Emily Addison.

And I had the balls to call Room Service when I didn’t get my room cleaned…can you imagine that?  “Hello, Room Service?  I haven’t gotten Maid Service yet…can you send someone over?  Maybe a brunette to go with the blonde I already have…hello?  Hello???”  😛

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Emily Addison