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“E3” is a gaming convention where the big companies show off their new wares.  The XBOX One (or “X Bone”, as people are starting to call it…lol) has multiple rules about sharing games…you can only share games once to people who’re on your friends list for at least 30 days.  Trading and sharing games thru the XBOX One is a complex and mind boggling situation frought with rules and regulations blocking you at every path…Playstation is taking a different tactic.  This is from their official YouTube page…

Good; embedded videos from YT work here.  🙂  BEST…TROLL…EV-ER!!!  I’m still laughing at this outright slam on their competition and done so stylishly well.  Sony just OWNED Micro$oft in the WORST way and made them look like complete fools.  The PS4 is also going to deliver all the gaming aspects of what the X Bone is going to at $100 less and NOT be an invasion of privacy in an almost Orwellian fashion (“1984″…which the X Bone is feeling more and more like every day).  The PS4 does not require an Internet connection and will not be checking in with you at least once a day…it’s just brilliant genius.  Sony saw Micro$oft dropping stupidity everywhere and just seemed to say, “Let’s give gamers what they really want”.  😀  This makes me glad to be a SONY fanboy.

The thing that fascinates me the most is how different of a competition this has been.  Take the Coca-Cola/Pepsi wars…both of them are basically the same, differing in just taste and they battle…here, Sony and Micro$oft are polar opposites of each other and one just capitalized on that and OWNED the other…the X Bone is just so WRONG in everything it does and SONY NAILED them for it.  🙂

Anyway.  🙂  Got a lot ahead of me today.  Gonna go cash my latest check and do some trimming on my phone bill so I can make it less of a pain to pay each month…then, off to a model kit store to see about models of the Enterprise from Star Trek.  Dave Annis told me about a place that has some cool kits I want to check out.  🙂  As for our pic of the day…let’s let our Facebook friends in with a bewb-less shot of Tracy Jordan.  🙂


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