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You must be tired of me talking Vid Games as much as I have lately.  I’m just amused by the mess that Micro$oft has made for itself…and am thinking about how this could get worse if it actually somehow succeeds.  To recap, M$’s “XBOX One” (I prefer “XBone”…one of the many slams against the console going around the net, which is how the rest of this article will phrase it), needs to be online 24-7 as it’s going to randomly check in. This machine will eventually kill the used gaming marketplace as there are so many restrictions about renting/selling games that you need a lawyer to help you understand them all.  And let’s not forget that wonderful “Kinect” thing which is more-or-less a one way spy camera of sorts…

Worst case scenario…what if this thing actually winds up working?

Successful business models are just that…BUSINESS models.  How long will it be before Hollywood sees M$ not only weathering the shitstorm against it, but (again, we’re “supposing” here) thriving and sees potential for them to make money with as well?  How long before other platforms follow suit?

Put it to you this way: Would you like owning a DVD Player or a BluRay Player that has a camera on it?  That needs to be online 24-7?  Would you like to not be able to rent a movie?  And if you’d want to loan that movie to a friend that hasn’t seen it yet, they’d have to be on your “Friends List” for at least 30 days…and you can only loan out that movie ONCE?  And selling your movie?  Oh, you can just forget about that…unless you go to a “selected retailer” and more than likely pay something along the lines of a restocking fee…

The real world implications here are nightmarish and not only for gamers.  If Micro$oft succeeds with the “XBone” and starts making money off of it, this could mushroom all over the place…who’s to say that music companies won’t jump on the bandwagon as well?  PLEASE hope with me that consumer outrage over this product continues to grow strong and that this thing fails….because if it doesn’t, this could mean that we don’t buy movies anymore as well…we’d just rent them from the companies that make them, just like M$ is doing to gamers.

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