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Gonna go see Superman today.  🙂  Going with “the crew” (Dave Annis, his webmaster and myself) as this movie isn’t exactly my cup of tea.  Mind you, I like Supes…but he’s never been one of the more believable characters for me.  I’m a writer at heart and I have two things on my “bucket list” should I somehow be able to write for the comics…bring Batman’s origin back to what Bob Kane created for the character and remove the travesty that Frank Miller wrote…and to actually write Superman to my liking.

How do you threaten this guy?  Seriously…good characterization comes from how much threat you can create…it’s an interesting story when you triumph against all odds from overwhelming situations (and even under-whelming as well)…the triumph is key.  So, how do you create overwhelming circumstances for someone who essentially is a God?  DC Comics does it on a regular basis, mind you, but I as a writer myself don’t know how to…I just wonder if my Superman would be even enjoyable.  Spider-Man, I could write the HELL out of (literally, as I’d undo the circumstances where Peter Parker made a deal with the Devil…)…Superman?  It’d definitely be challenging and rewarding.

So, why go see the movie then?  This looks to be a real boffo adaptation!  🙂  Big budget…mucho special effects…looks to be a winner!  🙂  I like the guy they found to play him as well; he looks the part to me.  🙂

So…all that said…who in my “damsels” looks the most “Lois Lane” for today’s post?  And yes…Noel Neill played MANY a part in my fantasies about bondage as a child, tho as much as I loved her, I’ve always wondered what would have been as Phyllis Coates had a GRAND bondage scene that’s just as good as anything Noel did.  :/  Beside the point tho…which of my gals is the most “Lois” to fit the inadvertant theme?  Kobe Lee seems the choice, but I featured her recently…let’s go with Pantera Noelle for her raven-black hair and glasses.  🙂

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