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All right.  🙂  Let me start by saying that the Superman movie was GREAT…but loud.  :/  Well…loud for me, anyways…louder is not always better.  This was the kind of loud that hurts.  It was a good portrayal of all the destruction (and there is a LOT of it) in the situation…but it felt like the volume in the theatre was cranked up to “11”…maybe even “12”.  Other than that, I can find no faults with it…it was a different take on the Superman legend and a BELIVABLE one to boot.  It also created a lot of dynamics (particularly in the Clark Kenk/Lois Lane sense) that I’m looking forward to seeing explored in further movies.  The end of the villain porton of the plot plot was a bit of a stunner that comes from out of left field; I’ll say no more than that.

The only thing that disappointed me is that they went with the “magic glasses”.  Meaning…that when Clark Kent is in the real world, his face and Superman’s are exactly alike and yet a single pair of glasses keeps the world from knowing that the two are actually one person, ie, “magic glasses”.  :/  How stoopid are the people of the DC universe at large that this actually works?  That’s one thing about the character I never understood…how come a pair of glasses keeps a man’s full out face a secret?  Glasses do a lot…but that?  Eh…let’s explore it a bit.

Four shots…two of Pantera Noelle…two of Stacie Snow.  One pic of each has glasses, the other doesn’t…is it enough to hide them?  It certainly doesn’t hide their beauty, does it?  🙂

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Pantera Noelle


Pantera Noelle


Stacie Snow


Stacie Snow