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It would seem that Micro$oft backpedaled a little bit.  Renting games restrictions?  Gone.  Mandatory on-line restriction?  Gone.  Once in a 24 hour period check-in?  Gone.  You can only play offline for a 1 hour?  Gone.  Sharing games restrictions?  Gone as well.  🙂  I haven’t heard about the “Orwellian” Kinect restriction as yet…gotta do some more research on that (And that fcuking creeps me out…it’s a camera that’s in my home and is connected to Micro$oft?  Would it watch whatever I do??? Brrrrr.); hopefully, that’s gone as well.  It would seem that M$ has listened to the fans (and the ok, but not so great, pre-order sales of the “XBone”), and decided to do something to make their image a touch better.  The implimentation of it leaves me a touch cold, tho…

It’s a “patch”.  :/  Meaning, that when you buy an XBone on release day, once it’s set up and functioning, it still has those restrictions on it…you have to download a patch that eliminates all of the above I mentioned.  Huh.  Like I titled this…”interesting”.  What if they decide to “unpatch” it in the future and when you download a system upgrade, the restrictions get slapped on there?  Not likely to happen, mind you…but the paranoid fucker that I am has to wonder.  And I still wonder about the future of the system.  You pay $500 for it and they have servers dedicated to it…what happens when the “XBOX 2” gets devoloped and they decide to pull server support for the “One”; do you now own a $500 brick where gaming is concerned?  It would seem not, as the machine no longer needs to check in and such…but what about that Kinect?  If it needs a mandatory Kinect and they pull server support for that camera…?????

Admittedly, this is all wild speculation by yours truly, and I could be miles away from the point, but color these “concerns”.  We’ll see what the future brings.  MAJOR props to M$ for undoing the worst business choices the company ever made in it’s history…we’ll see what the future holds.  🙂

How about we add some color to the day?  Specifically, Magenta.  🙂  It would seem that the poor dear has been abducted from a night out, bound and gagged in her black dress and sexy pink heels…….


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