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I know I harp on this too much, but I really wish Facebook would allow boobies.  :/  I’d love to cross-connect this blog to my FB page always, and I feel like I cheat you guys when I do link it.  Ah, well…as a redhead I’ve worked with a little bit (juuuuuust a little bit…lol) always says, “It is what it is.”

Talking about sayings…you’ve prolly seen the product of my hanging out with the gals here a few times.  Actually…you just saw it a few words back…”prolly”, as a short for “probably” came to me from Candle Boxxx; she uses that a lot, and it just caught on for me.  If you’ve ever wondered why I misspell “fcuk”…that’s Stacie Snow.  Stacie gave me a few others besides that one; but I can’t think of them offhand.

Hmmm.  Stacie…Candle Boxxx…and I also have Isobel Wren on my mind as well…sounds like a photo hit here, no?  😛


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Stacie Snow


Candle Boxxx


Isobel Wren