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It’s a moot issue now, with Micro$oft removing the “always online” thing from the “XBone”, but I just re-came across an old argument from one of their execs that just had me scratching my head…

(original article link: )  This is a Twitter exchange:


“Orthy” is Microsoft exec Adam Orth…and “dealwithit”?  REALLY?  See why I don’t go on Twitter anymore…it’s just the adult kindergarten playground; the perfect place to bash everyone.  Anyway…I will say this: yes; my PS3 is always on and always connected to the Internet…as is my PC and a bunch of other devices.  My BluRay player can connect…but I need the connection to be wired or get some kind of part from Panasonic to do it thru the air.  Yes, indeed…many devices are connected 24-7…but they don’t have the potential for shutting down or partially not functioning if a “check” once every 24 hours was established.  And I can play my games offline for more than one hour/one day (can’t remember which restriction it was…it was one or the other).  :/  Plus, the outright douchebaggery in this guy’s response…and he’s an EXEC with M$?  GAWD; talk about a colossal missing of the point!

Like I say…moot point as they’ve now removed that necessary check-in…it’s just the outright attitude of M$’s higher-ups that’s just astounding…and he’s not the only one.  Hopefully, he got a talking-to because of this.  Again…he’s essentially correct; but the attitude on display?  REALLY?!

UGH.   The whole thing just crossed my mind today and I searched it out; I tend to think of leaders as being represenatives of a company, especially when going out into the world…if this is the way all M$ execs act; God help that company.  :/  All right…let’s brighten it up with some Lexi Richelle.  🙂

EDIT: Did some further digging…Orith has voluntarily left M$ after this shitstorm erupted.  Props to him for doing the right thing.  🙂


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