All posts for the day June 25th, 2013

I’m gradually re-discovering Facebook as a result of my cross postings…it’s been fun!  I keep in touch with a gal here and there thru it…had a fun discussion with one the other day about Fallout 3 of all things.  🙂  So…think I’m gonna head out for a bit today…my skin is starting to whiten again, which seems completely off the wall to me as this is summer in AZ…just being an Arizonan means sun time.  :/  I’ve been inside too much…pffft….lol.  Maybe a little food shopping and not much else.

Let’s leave it with a sexy shot of Lola Lynn.  Even tho she’s covered up, this is my favorite set I have of her…the colors really pop and she just looks GREAT.  If you wanna see this full set and tons more stuff of the 60+ models I’ve worked with, go here to look around and then here to join!  🙂



Lola Lynn


Lola Lynn


Lola Lynn