All posts for the day June 26th, 2013

Aw, Lord.  :/  WordPress just put out a “Capcha” option for me as a blog holder.  Meaning, I could make you all do a word test before a post goes to the blog.  🙁  I f’ckin’ HATE those things!  I don’t know about you all, but I always seem to miss at those at least once when I’m trying to post…and some of them even wipe out the post you were trying to make before you missed.

Rest assured, there will be no “capcha” (or whatever it’s called) attached to posting to the blog.  However, I do see one instance where it might be useful, and that’s with sign-ups to the blog.  I have some nights where my e-mail inbox associated with this blog ex-fuckin’-plodes with new membership e-mails (“this e-mail address” is a new membership on your TucsonTied blog…that sort of thing); I do tend to wonder how many are people and how many are bots created by spammers hoping to post spam comments to the blog.  :/  That’s the only place I might consider it; I’ll have to evaluate further.  I’d like the membership of this blog to be PEOPLE, thank you…lol.

Off to scope things out…have a shot of Nyxon.  He may “not have been a crook” (yeah, right), but it’s criminal just how beautiful this woman is.  🙂


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