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Had the WEIRDEST dream early this morning.  :/  I was in a “father” type situation (either naturally a father or a step-father) to a young son around 10.  My boy gets gifted a car from his older sister and she insists that she’s gonna allow him to drive it…mind you, “drive it” not meaning test drive in a secluded area, but in TRAFFIC, regularly, like we adults do.  :/  I put my foot down and say “no”, naturally…tempers are flaring, but in the midst of all that, I take the time to do some car re-arranging and moving mine from the driveway to put the new car there.  While I’m doing this…WHAM;  in backing my car out, I t-bone the new car.  🙁  The 10 year old throws a FIT naturally…and I wake up.  Weirdest part was the location…this all happened in the family home I grew up in, which I moved out of around a decade or so.  :/  Maybe, in the dream-space, I touched an alternate reality where I never found bondage, got married and pro-created?  😛

Anyway…how about some of one of my favorite sets of Sasha Fae?  🙂


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