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What a morning; sorry for the lateness of this.  :/  Yesterday turned out to be my AC’s drainpipe being clogged and not the water heater being bad  (good news!), so they unclogged it and put a blower under the carpet to dry it all out (after disinfecting and cleaning it in the area of the leak).  They told me the blower needs to stay there for a day, so it’s still going behind me as I type this after being on all night.  Anyway, in the weirdness of all that happening, I forgot yesterday was payday from the site, and the phone bill was due tomorrow (today)…hence my being away to put my check in the bank.  After doing that, I got lost on YouTube and started shaving as I watched (I use an electric razor)…and completely forgot about blogging and posting to UB Tube…both of which are done now.  HECTIC morning!

Bleh.  Lets see some Samantha Grace from my one shoot with her.  🙂


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Samantha Grace


Samantha Grace