All posts for the day July 15th, 2013

Not really related to here, but a spamming service infamous throughout the Yahoo Groups service has been shut down…”Grouply” is no more!  🙂  Actually happened about a year ago (March of 2012), but was a joy to Google about this morning!  🙂  “Grouply” was a service that offered to link together all the Yahoo Groups you belonged to and mail you about the new events in all of them…trouble was, they needed your Yahoo Groups information to do so, including your name and password…..

And people actually fell for this.  :/

Not too long after, people started getting e-mailed spam messages about everything from porn to “get rich quick” from people they knew…from the address, “yourfriend’s” instead of that friend’s regular e-mail service.  It was a HUGE scamming service, and Yahoo Group members and owners were quick to ban it’s use from their groups, myself included.  Just Googled it this morning, and it brightened my Monday to see that the SPAM giant has fallen and at least one spammer has been removed from the face of the earth.  🙂  Humanity got SOMEthing right for a change.  🙂

Anyway…neither here nor there; let’s see some Persophanie.  I don’t think I’ve featured her here before…seems the dear girl got herself hogtied while getting ready for work…


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