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Heard something interesting about the XBOX “Orwell”.  Remember that “Kinect” camera that I raged so much about?  Apparantly, it costs Micro$oft just as much money to make one of those alone as it does to make the whole XBOX One SYSTEM!

Just…odd.  Why spend so much on something that gamers have thought as dodgy and gimmicky to begin with.  It does answer the question of why M$ is forcing it onto consumers and why it’s mandatory for it to be on…unless the gov’t and NSA need it to be so they can peek into your homes…but that’s a whole ‘nother ball o’ wax.  😉  Still, the money being spent on the Kinect (my opinion) should have went into the system to make for a better GAME CONSOLE as the XBOX is supposed to be…but one look at the “reveal” they did when it came out showed that they were far more interested in making a TV system than a gaming one.  :/

By the by…one developer (EA Sports) announced that their games would retail (in England) for 54 pounds…which roughly translates out to $80 here in the States; should that follow thru to here…YIKES!  Gaming is becoming an expensive hobby…and if that price stands, once you buy your first 5 or six games (depending on the console), you’ve bought a new CONSOLE (5 games at $80 is $400…the price of a PS4; 6 games at $80 is $480, just $19 below the price of a $499 XBOX One); sheesh!  I can almost see it as devoloping costs are ginormous…but wow; surreal to wrap your noggin about.  :/

Anyway…have a look at Andrea…I’m gonna read up more about this stuff…


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