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OK, I’m gonna put up two pics of Sasha Fae standing.  The bondage is similar in each pic, but there is a difference…we’ll talk about that after the pics.


Sasha Fae


Sasha Fae

Did you catch the difference?  It’s VERY subtle and I’d like some opinion on it all.  Dave Annis and I were talking a bit ago about distractions; things that take your eyes away from the gals…things in the background that take away from the image.  Of all things, while we were going over some standing shots, he mentioned that the white doorknob (displayed in the first shot) was a distraction.  I was taken aback; never really noticed it…but now that I’ve changed it out (as seen in the bottom pic), it DOES make a difference, no?  Little things mean a lot…  🙂