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Heya!  The weekend is upon us!  No work for a couple days…no mail for a couple days!!!  🙂

So.  Just came here from FetLife and their never-ending copyright debates.  It’s sad…people think that because they downloaded it from the net, they automatically think they can post it wherever they like; not so.  And that if you find it on Google Images, it’s in the “Public Domain”.  Not so.  Or that uploading pics to a “sharing” site like Tumblr, Flickr, etc is covered by that miracle-worker of a panacea known as “Fair Use”.  Again, not so.  Copyright is some fascinating stuff…I love reading about it all.  I just hope that FetLife continues it’s good work and doesn’t wind up like Tumblr…sued by someone who doesn’t think their DMCA procedures work fast enough.  I dunno where that’s at…the last info on Google about “Perfect 10 v. Tumblr” is admittedly a year old and with Yahoo buying Tumblr, it may have been settled out of court.

Eh; that’s just me, musing.  🙂

Have a look at gawgess Lola Lynn…more of her is available at TucsonTied!  🙂


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Lola Lynn

Dang it; it’s laundry day.  🙁  On top of this, I need to generate some new content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…*sigh*  Looks like I’ll be slaving at home all day…you have a look at Stacie Snow as she slaves to my ropes.  🙂


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Stacie Snow

The title of this one is a take-off on the popular song I use every Monday for my post there…Tuesday gets no song respect!  Tuesday should have songs about it too…(voice from the crowd screams out, “RUBY TUESDAY!!!”)

……yah.  Oops.  😉

I should prolly research this a bit…might be fun to title each day’s entry with a song.  🙂  Anyway…have a look at Kobe Lee while I plot my day’s events.  🙂


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Kobe Lee

Wow; that was new.  🙂  Dave Annis and I spent a good deal of the night looking up shots of the “JJPrise” together to find out how we want ours to look when we each get the kit from Revell sometime down the line…then after that, I gamed until around 3 in the morning…then slept in until 11!  Can’t remember the last time I slept in so late…feel pretty refreshed from doing so!  🙂

Anyway…you have a look at Autumn Shaylee; I’m gonna get to what’s going on with my today!  🙂


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Autumn Shaylee

OY.  My own powers of observation sometimes astound me…lol.  Yesterday, went food shopping to get some more of the ham I got before…remember how I wanted ham before and got turkey by mistake?  Grabbed two packs of the stuff this time…one ham and one turkey.  :/  LOL…at least I saw it before I purchased it.  Hey, why don’t you observe Cali Logan?  🙂



Cali Logan