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Very Interesting.  When I view the below post using Chrome, the video shows up fine…when I use FireFox, it tells me that the proper video type and MIME isn’t found (whatever “MIME” is).  Check out the post and see if you have similar problems…I’ll see what I can do to streamline the process.  I tried posting a second video in Windows Media…it didn’t like that one either.  :/  It’s a new process and it’s being worked on, I guess…but I’d like this to work across all browsers before I start using it regular.  I can convert vids to MP4, I guess, before posting them…but I’d like FireFox users to be able to view them.  :/  Anyway, let me know what you see here…the video is of Janessa.  🙂


EDIT: This is a Firefox thing on my system.  Am working to discover what it is and why FF is blocking certain things necessary to make this work.  :/


There was an update to WordPress today that allows for in-house (on the blog) video posting.  Exciting as hell as I’d love to do this without the need of a server, or embedding them on YouTube or some fool place.  I’m gonna play with it some more…you guys have a look at Paris Kennedy from my earlier days.  🙂


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