All posts for the day August 7th, 2013

Got some really good news last night from my buddy Dave Annis about the other type of model work I do.  🙂  Revell is the only company authorized to make model kits of the new USS Enterprise from the latest movies (Into Darkness); problem was, they were only selling the kits in Germany.  :/  I knew that this would change and was gonna wait it out (unlike the folks who bought them from eBay for ridiculous prices)…well, the wait appears to be over, and the kit will be available in the States soon, if it isn’t already here!  🙂

If you’re into plastic model buliding like I am and want an Enterprise from the JJ Abrahms movies (nicknamed the “JJPrise” in the plastic modeling set), start bugging your local hobby shops now…from what Dave has seen, the availability of those kits in the States is happening NOW!  🙂  When I get one, I’ll post a pic or two of the final product.  🙂  One caution, tho…the “Aztec detailing” that I did for my other Enterprise I showed here isn’t in this kit…painting masks have to be bought seperately to paint on those details if you want it (and I have no clue where from…need to do some research on that myself).

Anyway, that aside, let’s have a look at Angel this morning!  You can see all her material with me at TucsonTied!  🙂


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